Audi Q2 Interior

Audi Q2 Now In India, Lot More Luxurious And Comfy

We can all be waiting to feel the breeze and hit the open road again. A long road trip with family perhaps? An adventure with your buddies? Or what about a nice, small ride through your own city? Whatever your plan, no matter the duration, the one thing you can count on for all your journeys is the Audi Q2, which has now cruised into India!

A powerful package of aesthetics, luxury, comfort and technology, the Audi Q2 won’t just live up to all your expectations, it’ll exceed them. With plush interiors and slick design, it’s poised to become your car of choice. Here’s what you need to know about the Audi Q2.

Unmatched comfort and luxury

Whether you need a ride for your everyday work commute or a trustworthy companion on all sorts of road trips, the Audi Q2 will perform spectacularly. It’s high on comfort and, as is expected of Audi, equally high on luxury. Because here’s the thing: going on long adventure trips doesn’t necessarily mean you would want to sacrifice on comfort or luxury. If anything, the adventure becomes all the more exciting when at the end of the day, you can go back to a space that reminds you of home with its comfy vibes.

Audi Q2 Exterior

And that’s exactly what you can expect with the Audi Q2. The head of Audi India, Balbir Singh Dhillon, had this to say about this landmark event: “The Audi Q2 is a car we are beyond thrilled to introduce to our India line-up. We’ve listened to customer demand and brought in the fantastic, yet practical Audi Q2. The characterful design, plush interior and long list of features are just one part of the appeal. Having driven it extensively, I can vouch that the Audi Q2 is a thrilling drive The 190hp, 2.0-TFSI engine, Progressive Steering and quattro make every drive an exciting one.”

Audi Q2 Interior

Take it from the head himself. The features of the Audi Q2 will make all your rides full of character, thrill and, of course, comfort.

World-class design and features

So, what all can you expect from the Audi Q2? Well, a diverse set of features coupled with design that makes it a work of art – seriously, the well-defined edges and angles of the car with a pleasing overall shape are something to be in awe of! The bold Singleframe grille along with a striking roofline and a sporty spoiler will get your heart racing.

Audi Q2 Exterior

The interior design, too, is sporty, elegant and luxurious. And the driving experience? Prepare for a buttery smooth feeling as the standard fit quattro all-wheel drive will ensure the highest level of grip and traction. For entertainment and work purposes, Audi has included the Apple CarPlay and Android Auto on the high-resolution TFT MMI. And just in case you were worried about your phone batteries draining out, there’s the Audi Phone Box that will charge your phone wirelessly and keep you connected on the go!

With such a wealth of features and an unbeatable promise of comfort and luxury, you really can’t go wrong with the Audi Q2. The sporty all-rounder will fulfill all your driving needs. What’s more? It comes with exclusive introductory benefits including a 5 year Comprehensive service package, 2+3 years Extended warranty, 2+3 years Roadside assistance and an Exchange bonus of INR 1.25 Lakhs.

Audi Q2 Exterior

For more information and to book a test drive, click here.

Source: Vogue India

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